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2017 Accomplishment Goals

Posted on: April 6, 2017

This year, I decided to "bring it on" by adding every month a new awesome accomplishment in my life. The goal is to try to push me by doing something out of the normal, to get an achievement/recognition, to start a new habit or anything concrete that can improve my professional or personal life. It can be also be something simple for someone, but that is totally out of my zone of conform. All this to try to push me to the next level and try to do something outstanding. Some objectives can start one month and continue until the end of the year and other can be a one-shot deal.

I decided to start this project last month (April), but I am serious and want a full year of amazing months. Therefore, my first objective count for January and so on, so I had some catch up to do which was easier than expected since my year started pretty solid.

Here are my monthly accomplishments/goals:

  • January: Publish a book on Asp.Net MVC/Entity Framework/Azure
  • February: Changing Job from Microsoft VSTS to Microsoft Teams
  • March: Start working on two online TypeScript courses (to be finished by June)
  • April: Secret project that I invested now, but that I'll reveal in December and will continue in 2018. Bonus #1: Start reading 1 book a month that is not related to programming language for a total of 12 for this year. Bonus #2: I received an award from Microsoft because I fulfilled a second patent as a sole inventor. Bonus #3: I received an award from Microsoft because I fulfilled a third patent as a sole inventor.
  • May: Start to write a private journal where I must write 15 minutes (~500 words) every two days. The goal is to think reflect on what went well and not. Also, a way to meditate in time of struggle. I am using the platform Penzu (https://penzu.com/). I wrote above 15000 words and everyday for May. Bonus #1: I filled a forth patent as a sole inventor with Microsoft.
  • June: Interview with Netflix, got an offer and accepted this one. Bonus #1: I filled a fifth patent as a sole inventor with Microsoft. Bonus #2: I filled a sixth patent as a sole inventor with Microsoft.
  • July: Move to California. Bonus #1: Switch from Microsoft's ecosystem to Apple's ecosystem.
  • August: Start studying for GRE.
  • September: Start doing cardio exercise (jump rope) and learn 60 news English word per month for the next 4 months.
  • October: Got accepted to Georgia Tech Master Program (goal that will be stretched for the next 3+ years).
  • November: Got promoted at Netflix within 4 months.

Books read so far (April objective):

I'll update this post every month! Looking forward to getting an awesome year!!!