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Patrick Desjardins is from Quebec, Canada. His first language is French but can read, write and speak English. He is a software engineer that work with Microsoft Framework since Visual Basic 6. Since the release of Microsoft .Net Framework 1.0 he has been amazed by how this framework is powerful. Since 2004, he has many experiences with PHP, MySql, PostGreSql, Javascript, JQuery and Css but at the end he prefers coding in C#.

Patrick Desjardins education start with Cegep (3 years) in Computer Science followed by graduating from ETS University (4 years BA degree). Since that time he has working with multiple companies. He has touched WinForm, ClickOnce, Sql Server, PostGresSql, Javascript, Css, Jquery, WebForm and currently working since many years with Asp.Net MVC and Entity Framework. Patrick continues his education by doing several activities likes Microsoft Certification. He has earned some MCTS, MCPD and now MCSD.

Patrick Desjardins was a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Asp.Net in 2013 and 2014 before joining Microsoft as a full time employee in the DevDiv division of Visual Studio Online. He is a software engineer who is known for his analysis, resourcefulness and abilities to find effective solutions quickly. Since his early professional career, his focus has always been to keep up to date in order to provide quality services to meet customers’ needs. Patrick is a professional who has developed work ethic and who has the desire to perform both in quality and timeliness. His areas of interest are Web development which he embraces since the early 2000s. Since numerous of years, Patrick continues to train daily in new technologies and applying all theory into practice in various projects. Patrick is ambivalent in Microsoft technologies .Net which it develops professionally since 2004. By cons, since 2002, he developed in PHP many projects which makes him someone with multiple perspective on how to web can be developed. His main focus is to help people to embrace Microsoft technology in enterprise environment. He is a strong believer of Asp.Net MVC and Entity Framework which help to produce quality website for professional use that can respect good standard with Html5, CSS3 and design patterns.

This blog contains information about the .Net Framework and some examples and tutorials about new technologies. It also a place to keep some samples of code that he found useful to share.

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