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My Second TypeScript Book is Available

Posted on: September 14, 2018

You read right! My second TypeScript book! I published my first book entitled Holistic TypeScript in April this year and wrote about my motivation in a blog post. This time, the publisher Packt reached for a quick start guide for TypeScript 3.0.

I jumped at the opportunity to cover all feature in a simpler way than my original book. While the former book is up-to-date with all TypeScript's features in a great depth, the latter is targeting introducing all powerful feature of the language.

The book is available on Packt website and on Amazon.


In this book you will learn how to:

  • Set up the environment quickly to get started with TypeScript
  • Configure TypeScript with essential configurations that run along your code
  • Structure the code using Types and Interfaces to create objects
  • Demonstrate how to create object-oriented code with TypeScript
  • Abstract code with generics to make the code more reusable
  • Transform the actual JavaScript code to be compatible with TypeScript

I encourage you to read TypeScript 3.0 Quick Start Guide if you are new to TypeScript or if you want to share your love of TypeScript to a friend that is not yet leveraging the power of type for web development. For those at an intermediary level and higher, Holistic TypeScript remains the best choice even if it cover up to 2.8. I'll update Holistic TypeScript every year with new TypeScript features.