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My First Two TypeScript 2.x Video Courses are Available

Early this year, I got contacted to record two courses by Packt. The two courses are around a simple TypeScript web project. The first course is entitled “Rapid Web Application Development with TypeScript 2.0” and the second course is entitled “Building Pro Web Apps with TypeScript 2.x”. This was the first time I had to record myself while coding and it was quite a challenge!

The first course shows how to setup your development environment to use TypeScript as well as how to organize your code and create a basic web application with TypeScript. I am touching briefly Gulp, NodeJs and NPM. Just enough to be ready to focus on TypeScript full speed. I am revisiting many concepts about object oriented that TypeScript provides without explaining the very basic stuff.

The second course goes way deeper with new TypeScript’s features that came with version 2 and expand the capability of the web application previously built in the first course. We explores types, mixin, decorators and many more async new features, etc.

These two courses represent a final product of about 3 hours of high quality content. The amount of work behind these 3 hours is 4 months where more than half of my evenings were dedicated to these courses. Between organizing the content, preparing the code, building the slides, recordings the audio and video, and applying the touch up from the technical reviewer and the editor, time was flying! I hope that everyone who take the course will enjoy the content and how it is presented.

Here is the link to the course 1 : Rapid Web Application with TypeScript 2.x
Here is the link to the course 2 : Building Pro Web Application with TypeScript 2.x

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