What is the difference between MapKey vs HasForeignKey?

You can define association 1 to many and defining the relationship with both code snippet below. One is defined with a string, the other one with a property.

HasRequired with association defined by string:

this.HasRequired(a => a.Property1)
    .Map(a => a.MapKey("MyFK"));

HasRequired with association defined by property:

this.HasRequired(a => a.Property1)
    .HasForeignKey(a => a.MyFK);

Both mappings will create exactly the same database schema with a non nullable foreign key.

The mapping with MapKey is used when you don’t want to have the foreign key as a property in your model context class. This is called Independent Association.

The mapping with HasForeignKey when the foreign key is a property in the model. This type is called Foreign Key Association.

You can use the one you want. Personally, I prefer to use the HasForeignKey because it’s strongly mapped and if the property name is refactored that I am sure that the property will follow.

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