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Checking all options with one or many Redux action?

Imagine the situation of a UI with many checkboxes and an option to select them all. In the perspective that the feature of checking all checkboxes is new, would it be a good idea to have the “select all” button to just loop the checkbox action with each id one by one? The short answer is no, and we will see how doing so can be expensive.

It might be the most straightforward way and quickest way to invoke in a loop the “onCheck.” It has the advantage of reusing the dispatch function, as well as the action function and the reducer. The problem is the number of computation done by calling in a loop several actions. While Redux can handle quite a lot of action fast, there are some boundaries where you will notice some slow down. Here is an actual code I had to optimize which went from 2100 ms to 16ms.

This is the code that was looping in the React component the click function of each checkbox.

This is the code with a dedicated function that a middleware was creating another action with the list of all entity from the Redux’s state with the mention to select the entity which the Reducer can read once and set the state once.

Creating the additional dispatch function, passing this one down to the component and creating the actions was more work. It takes about 20 minutes mostly because I wanted to have the middleware to handle the logic of selecting all because I keep all reducers very slim and dummy. So, I had to create 2 actions. However, this 20 minutes was well worth it because the user sees a user interface that is O(1) when clicking the “select all” instead of being O(n).

The underlying problem is that every action goes back to a full Redux’s lifetime loop. The portion of the life cycle that is consuming is the denormalization which creates back the entity in a rich (and deep) format. Indeed, optimization can occur at that level as well, but avoiding starting Redux’s cycle was a step in sound practice.

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